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SCEE “TEMPORARILY Suspends” Plans to Sell Forest

On September 6, 2022 SCEE announced the following:

The Schuylkill Center’s Board of Trustees has announced that several potential opportunities for preservation have recently been presented to the organization. As a result, the Center is indefinitely suspending its request for proposals to develop the Boy Scout Tract.

The Board is enthusiastic about pursuing potential preservation options, as the organization had tried several times in the past decade to preserve the site. While no proposals have yet been received from conservation-minded developers or individuals, and the date for filing proposal applications is still several weeks away, the group is immediately pausing the process to prioritize the exploration of potential preservation possibilities.

We also welcome the offer to work with conservation-minded groups and individuals in the community who have ideas on identifying additional preservation options.

This is a step in the right direction, but does not commit the Center to zero development on the property. They could still develop a lot of acreage and achieve a lesser preservation goal.

We are committed to 100% preservation of the land through conservation easements. 

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