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On June 30, 2022 Schuylkill Environmental Education Center presented their intention to sell the 24 acre “Boy Scout” tract to developers to a joint meeting of the Friends of Shawmont Valley and the Upper Roxborough Civic Association.

Attendees learned that the intent to sell the untouched land was not due to financial hardship, part of a strategic plan, or or reason that was time sensitive.

SCEE argued instead that they wanted the money from the sale to purchase items like bird cages and to invest in their capitol campaign.


  • Highlights

Why Sell Now?

At 13 minutes into the presentation, SCEE’s ED stated that they wanted to sell now for 3 reasons:

1. “This is a possible moment”

At 13 minutes, SCEE’s ED argues:

The donors gave it to us with a different intent than the core holdings that were for environmental education. 

This is true. However there is no reason to exclude it from envrionmental education and there is no mandate to sell. 

So the board and staff knew that at some point in our organization’s history, we’re going to have to with reckon the future of this property.


We never knew when, but this is a possible moment right now, so that is one piece…

This is a circular argument. And offers no explanation of “why now.” 

2. We want to spend money we don’t have

At 13:13 SCEE argues they have done planning over 10 years to bring them more “confidently into the 21st century.” Their master plan “Vision 2025” is not available on their website, nor is it linked to on their explanation for the sale.
Some highlights include:


  • Interactive play space, ie digital, in the current center space for children
  • An update to the outdoor play spaces
  • New bird cages for the wildlife clinic

3. A wealthy person approached us

At 16:15, SCEE argues that the fact a wealthy individual approached them, they have to act. 


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