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24 pristine aces

About the Boy Scout Tract

The “Boy Scout Tract” is 24 untouched acres in Upper Roxborough, named for the Boy Scouts who used it to camp. The tract is connected to SCEE’s main 340 acres by Port Royal Ave.

The tract was donated to SCEE under the guidance that it could be sold in a time of crisis to help preserve the remaining 340 acres.

The tract is native forest, and the font of one Green Tree Run, one of the last first-order streams in the city.


The following photos were taken by Doug Wechsler and are available on his site

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Drone view of the treetops above the canopy of the boy scout tract. Green treetops to the horizon.

Boy Scout Tract Is Saved!

Today, SCEE announced that the 24 Acre Boy Scout Tract will be saved through a conservation easement! This is a huge victory for the neighborhood, the city, and the flora and fauna that…

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Rally Draws Dozens and News Coverage

Dozens rallied to save the 24 acres of forest today and oppose the sale today. The event was picked up by 6 ABC, however the story was focused on development across all of…

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